CS1000 Common Processor Media Gateway (CP MG) server 32 - NTDW56BAE6


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Common Processor Media Gateway (CP MG) server
The Common Processor Media Gateway (CP MG) card is a Server card for use in a
Communication Server 1000E system. The CP MG card functions as a Server, a Gateway
Controller, and provides Digital Signal Processor (DSP) resources.

The CP MG card is available in two versions:
• NTDW56BAE6 – CP MG card with 32 DSP ports (CP MG 32)
• NTDW59BAE6 – CP MG card with 128 DSP ports (CP MG 128)

Additional Information


The CP MG card provides improvements in port density and cost reductions by functioning as
a Call Server or Application Server and a Gateway Controller with DSP resources while only
occupying slot 0 in a Media Gateway. The CP MG card supports all CS 1000 IPE cards, and
supports the full suite of CS 1000 telephones.

The CP MG card includes the following main components:
• Intel EP80579 integrated processor, 1200 Mhz (Common Processor)
• 2 GB DDR2 RAM (expandable to 4 GB)
• 160 GB SATA hard drive (Server file system)
• Mindspeed Chagall-2 processor M82515 (Gateway Controller)
• Compact Flash card (ATA) (Gateway Controller file system)
• Mindspeed Picasso M82710 (32 port) or Matisse M82910 (128 port) DSP resources
• Embedded Ethernet switch (links the Server to the Gateway Controller)

The CP MG card faceplate provides a USB 2.0 port, two Server serial ports, two Ethernet ports,
status LEDs, a four character display, and reset buttons. The CP MG card backplane provides
two Ethernet ports, and three serial ports.

The Common Processor component of the CP MG card provides the Server functions. The
Gateway Controller component of the CP MG card is based on the same architecture as the
Media Gateway Controller (MGC) card and uses the common MGC loadware. The Gateway
Controller component of the CP MG card registers to the Server with an IPMG type of MGS.
The CP MG card requires the Linux base Operating System, and supports the Co-resident Call
Server and Signaling Server, and CS 1000E TDMconfigurations. The CP MG card does not
support the stand-alone Signaling Server, CS 1000E standard availability, or CS 1000E high
availability Call Server configurations