Nortel-Avaya NTRH31ABE5 CallPilot 202i 5.0 IPE Server Base Card


CONDITION: Grade A+ Refurbished

  • 5.0 Software loaded
  • Includes either 160GB or 250GB Hard Drive Standard
  • Licenses/Dongles sold separately

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Nortel CallPilot 202i NTRH31ABE5 5.0 IPE Server Base Card Meridian 1 Circuit Packs Cards NTRH31

The Nortel 202i CallPilot NTRH31ABE5 server is a flexible multimedia telephony server that integrates with Nortel Meridian 1 and Communication Server 1000 products.

The Nortel CallPilot solution fulfills the needs of unified messaging for our enterprise customers by providing advanced messaging features without sacrificing traditional voicemail features in an IT friendly solution. When the server is locked in position, the connectors attach to the backplane, which provides power and communications links.

The 202i server occupies two slots of a Meridian 1 shelf or Communication Server 1000 Media Gateway Expansion. This voice mail system is designed to work with Nortel Compact ICS and Modular ICS small business phone Systems only.


Brand: Nortel

Product Type: Callpilot Voicemail Servers

Additional Part Numbers:


Latches at the top and bottom of the faceplate secure the server to the backplane of the Meridian 1 switch or to the backplane of the Communication Server 1000 Media Gateway Expansion.

Red power status LED:

The red power status LED indicates two server states:

  • the completion of self-test diagnostics
  • when it is safe to remove the server from the Meridian 1 switch or Communication Server 1000 Media Gateway Expansion

Hard drive activity LED:

Indicates hard disk read or write activity

Reset button:

Use the recessed reset button to manually restart the 202i server when the operating system is up without disconnecting the server from the backplane.

Alphanumeric Hexadecimal (HEX) display:

The four-digit LED-based display provides feedback about the current status of the server, including fault conditions.

USB ports:

Five USB 2.0 ports (maximum 500mA for each port).

VGA video connection:

This connector provides standard DB15 video connection

NIC port – ELAN (10/100Base-T (RJ-45)) connector:

This connector provides an Ethernet connection between the 202i server and the Meridian 1 switch or Communication Server 1000. This connection allows the exchange of call control information between the server and the Meridian 1 switch or Communication Server 1000 system. For more information about the ELAN subnet, see the CallPilot Installation and Configuration Task List

NIC port – CLAN (10/100Base-T (RJ-45) )connector:

This connector provides a network connection for

  • user desktop computers to enable the use of the unified messaging and fax messaging features
  • LAN-based server administration

NIC ports with built-in status LED:

The upper LED network connector represents network traffic. The lower LED network connection, if illuminated, represents 100 Mb connection. No illumination indicates 10 Mb or no active connection.

Recommended Temperature: 15 C (59 F) to 30 C (86 F)

Absolute Temperature: 10 C (50 F) to 45 C (113 F)

Long-term Storage Temperature: –20 C (–4 F) to 60 C (140 F)

Short-term Storage Temperature: –40 C (–40 F) to 70 C (158 F) (less than 72 hours)

Change Rate Temperature: Less than 1 C (34 F) every 3 minutes

Recommended relative humidity (RH): 20% to 55% RH (noncondensing)

Absolute RH: 20% to 80% RH (noncondensing)

Long-term storage RH: 5% to 95% RH [at –40 C (–40 F) to 70 C (158 F) respectively] (noncondensing)

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