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Nortel M3904 NTMN34BA70 Meridian Digital Phone Charcoal M3900 Series



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Nortel M3904 NTMN34BA70 Meridian Digital Phone Charcoal M3900 Series NTMN34

The Nortel M3904 Meridian Digital Phone , which is part of the Nortel M3900 Series, is perfectly suited for the busy executive, manager, and administrator and any other department that needs a multi-line digital phone that supports up to 12 lines.

The M3904 also includes the largest display in its class, 5 lines x 24 characters, a Personal Directory, Call Log, LED Lights, Message, Headset Option and a variety of user selectable options, just to name a few.

It has support for the Personal Directory PC Utility which allows you to create a directory of up to 100 names and download it straight to the phone.

The M3904 also supports Full Duplex Handsfree with the addition of the new Full Duplex Handsfree Accessory that easily snaps into the Accessory Connection Module.

Two adapter slots are available to accommodate an analog terminal adapter and external alerter and recoding interface.



Brand: Nortel

Additional Part Numbers:

Depth: 6.7 in
Height: 7 in
Weight: 2.2 lbs
Width: 11.3 in
Character Qty: 24
Color Support: Monochrome
Display Location: Base
Line Qty: 5
Type: LCD display
Call Log Capacity: 20 numbers
Phone Directory Capacity: 100 names & numbers

Directory Services:

The Personal Directory stores up to 100 entries and lets you copy names and numbers into the directory from Call Party Name Display (CPND) information, Call Log, or Redial List. An optional PC Utility cartridge lets you create a directory on your PC and then download it to your phone. The M3900 series also provides the platform for access to LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) compatible systems or corporate directory services.

Call Log:

The new Call Log feature displays a list of incoming calls to your phone as well as the outgoing calls made from your phone. You can customize this feature by listing all incoming calls or just the unanswered calls. You can also instantly redial any call on the list with a simple keystroke. The M3904 lists the last 10 incoming callers and five outgoing calls made from the phone.

Display-Based Interface:

The display-based user interface helps increase productivity by providing access to more features with fewer keys. The displays are bordered by programmable line/feature keys and interactive soft keys, providing quick access to features, options, and applications. The navigation cluster guides you through on-screen menus and prompts, giving an unparalleled level of customization and personalization.

Self-Labeling Keys:

All display-based M3900 phones feature self-labeling keys, which puts an end to paper labels and time-consuming set designation. The display immediately shows the lines and features assigned to each key for convenient access. As new features and services are introduced or programming changes occur, key labels are automatically updated, further simplifying desktop management. Self-labeling keys also enable users to personalize their feature key labels, helping to enhance productivity even further.

Options List:

The M3904 empowers you by providing unparalleled customization options for increased productivity and ease of use. You can customize the feature names displayed on the phone, choose from multiple ringing tones to help distinguish incoming calls, select from multiple languages, identify preferred name matching for incoming calls, and choose the format for the time and date.

“Smart” Mute:

With the “Smart” Mute feature, the M3904 series phone automatically senses whether you’re using the handset, headset, or handsfree, and mutes the correct path-helping you be sure your private comments stay private. With “Smart” Mute, you can also listen in on a conference call while you work on other tasks, without distracting the conference with extraneous background sounds.


  • Meets or exceeds applicable CSA, UL, and EIA specifications. Complies with FCC requirements for hearing-aid compatibility. Maximum handset volume control levels are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Meridian 1

  • X11 Software Release 24.2x and higher
  • Intelligent Peripheral Equipment (IPE) based Digital Line Card

Meridian SL-100

  • MSL11 software and higher
  • M3900 Release 2 firmware and higher
  • Intelligent Peripheral Equipment (IPE) based Digital Line Card with Enhanced XPEC card

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