Nortel MG1010 - NTC310AAE6 - Media Gateway Chassis


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Nortel MG1010 – NTC310AAE6 – Media Gateway Chassis

The Nortel MG 1010E Media Gateway standalone chassis houses new and existing cards. It is used mainly as a building block for the CS 1000E (release 5 & higher).

The CS 1000 Media Gateway Controller and the associated DSP daughterboards are housed in the gateway, as well as any card compatible with the current MG 1000E – 4 slot chassis in any of its 10 IPE slots

The NTDK16 – 48 port, digital line card, is not compatible with the MG 1010E.

You won’t have to use up an IPE slot, because the 1010E chassis has 2 dedicated slots each of which can power a CPPM call or signaling server card.


Brand: Nortel

Additional Part Numbers:

Key Features:

The MG 1010E Media Gateway consists of the following hardware:

  • Media Gateway Utility (MGU) card (NTC314AAE6)
  • MG 1010 rack mount kit (NTC316AAE6)
  • Power supply, maximum of two with load sharing (NTC312AAE6)
  • Backplane assembly (NTC31002)
  • Air filter (NTC315AAE6)
  • Blower fans, N+1 arrangement for redundant cooling (NTC320AAE6)
  • Front cover with EMI containment and a window to view status LEDs
  • CPPM serial cable kit (NTC325BAE6)
  • MG1010 serial cable kit (NTC325AAE6)
  • MG1010 EMC shielding kit (for all CPPM configurations (NTC350AAE6)

Use the CP PM card (NTDW99) and MGC card (NTDW98).

The AP01 is required for the MGC card in order to implement blower speed control, otherwise the blowers will only run at full speed.

  • 10- IPE card slots
  • 2 – CP PM card slots
  • 1 – MGC card slot
  • 1 – Media Gateway Utility (MGU) card provides LED status, ringing, message waiting voltage, dual homing Ethernet cable ports, and serial cable ports
  • 1 – Metal divider in chassis to separate MGU, CP PM, and MGC from the IPE cards.


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