Do you think Macs are immune to viruses?

Most people think that Macs and all the other Apple devices are immune to viruses.

But those in the know (sysadmins, pc techs and network admins) know all too well that Macs are just as vulnerable to viruses just like PCs.

So, are Apple devices and Macs immune to viruses? Short answer: no. Then why do so many people believe that they are? Let’s break it down.

Viruses are always written for a specific platform. A virus written for Windows can only run on a Windows machine. Now consider that the aim of a computer virus is to spread to as many other machines as possible, much like the common cold spreads through the population when we hit winter.

Attackers are obviously going to most often target the platform that the majority of people use in order to get the best return from their attack. And that platform happens to be Windows.

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 Are Macs immune to viruses?

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