For more information about VOIP, let’s start with some basics:

    Top VOIP Features Included with most Providers

    Advanced call forwarding allows you to route or forward any incoming calls to any device you want. You can send the call to another business line, or a different cell phone, or even to voicemail.  You can even have it ring all of your devices simultaneously. You can even route the call based on the day of the week, the time of day, or the specific caller ID. Want to route the call to a specific department or location? Advanced call forwarding can do just that. One of the most popluar and must have features for hosted VoIP services.

    Anonymous Call Rejection lets you block all anonymous incoming calls from callers who have withheld their telephone number and their name. Something a lot of telemarketers do to get you on the phone.

    Call waiting allows you to be notified of an incoming call even when you are on the phone with another caller. That is usually done with a “beep” sound that you can here. Most VOIP systems will display the incoming callers phone number and name. If you wish to pickup that the system will allow you to switch between callers without dropping either one.

    Caller ID allows you to identify the incoming caller by showing you their telephone number and name directly to the display of your Caller ID enabled phone.

    Call ID Blocking allows you to block and/or unblock your telephone number and name on any outgoing calls you make.

    Call Forwarding allows you to route or forward any incoming calls to any device you want. See “Advanced Call Forwarding” for more advanced features.

    Dial By Name Directory let’s incoming callers as well as internal employees to reach a specific person by name without having their direct extension. That is done by allowing them to look that person up via their name.

    Directory Assistance (411) is a feature some VOIP providers offer that allow you to add your company name and phone number to a nationwide directory assistance listing provider. That also maintains this database listing.

    Do Not Disturb is a feature that allows you to set your phone’s status to unavailable. Which in turn will send the call to voicemail or to just receive a busy signal to the incoming caller.

    E911 – Enhanced 911 is a service that your telephone number and physical location to be displayed on a 911 operator’s screen in case of an emergency. When you call 911 on a regular landline, you must give this information to the operator over the phone. So this features is great in the event the caller is unable to communicate where they are.

    Enhanced Voicemail for most VOIP providers will let you get to your voicemail right away without entering a code to get to your inbox. In some cases you can also get access to your voicemail via any internet connection through the use of a provided online platform or web portal. So you can access your inbox without the need of your phone.

    On-Hold Music is the music that’s played to an incoming caller once you place them on hold or get ready to perform a transfer. Some VOIP providers will allow MP3 files for the hold music, but if they don’t they usually will allow specific formats like: ulaw, mlaw, ccitt, Vox, PCM, G711μ.

    Paperless Faxing allows you to electronically send and receive documents using the files on your computer and any scanner just like you would with a stand alone

    Privacy Options allow you to exclude your telephone number and/or name from any company directory listings, auto dialing or name dialing extensions as well as phone status monitoring.

    Selective Call Acceptance allows you to receive specific phone numbers that meet your predefined criteria.

    Selective Call Rejection allows you to screen and filter out or any specific phone numbers that meet your predefined criteria.

    Send/Receive Texts allows you to send and receive text messages using SMS to mobile phones and devices worldwide.

    Simultaneous Ring is a feature that allows multiple different phones to all ring at once when a phone call comes in. Once the phone is answered the ringing will then stop. You can set it up to ring to your cell phone and deskphone. Or Several people, the choice is yours.

    Softphone is a feature that allows an application or software, to be installed on your pc, laptop or smartphone so that the device can then act and behave like a virtual phone.

    Telemarketer Block is a feature meant to help reduce unwanted telemarketing calls. It is a community based system that allows you or anyone else that is part of the community to flag certain numbers as telemarketers. Then when enabled, if one of those numbers come up, the call is sent to voicemail or can be rerouted all entirely.

    Three-Way Calling allows you to connect a third person to an existing call between you and another person entirely. It’s essentially like initiating a conference call from your phone. The calls can be all internal, all external or a combination of both.

    Virtual Phone Number allows you to use a telephone number that is not tied to a specific phone device or phone line. Traditionally a phone number was provisioned to work over a single phone line, and that line was physically connected from the phone company to the destination. A virtual number removes these physical limitations that previously “tied down” phone numbers and lets a business have greater control and flexibility in how they receive calls.

    Voicemail Transcriptions are written transcripts of your extension’s voicemail messages that get emailed to you. In most cases an MP3 file is also attached.

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